South Avenue Grill Payment Options

The Legal Currency Of Jamaica Is Jamaican Dollars.
South Avenue Grill Reserves The Right To Refuse Any Other Foreign Currencies For Payment.

Exchange Rate Posted: Oct 26th 2018
Exchange Rate To The US Dollar: $125.00
JA to $1.00 US
The Current Government Sales Tax Rate (GCT) Is 16.5%

We  Accept Attention All Customers


Jamaican Dollars

Local & International
Visa Cards

NCB Keycards

American Dollars
(Call For Daily Rate)

Local & International

ATM Debit Cards

Your receipt will be generated from our "Point Of Sale" (POS) system. Each receipt number is unique and includes all the information pertaining to your server, time, date, tax rate, our tax id number, our company name and all items you received on dining/take-out orders.

All customers will be given a POS receipt at the end of their order. Due to the number of receipts generated on a daily basis and the means necessary to locate/verify a specific receipt, we will be unable to provide you with a duplicate copy once all data has been posted at the end of the day (10:30pm). Please keep your receipt in a safe place, thank you!

It is the policy of South Avenue Grill that no employee shall issue a hand written bill to the customer. This policy was implemented to prevent the circumvention of our automated Taxation & POS system by fraudulent activities. Hand written receipts will not be verified or acknowledged by the company. The receipt issued will have all the information stated above and is computer generated on white thermal paper. Please ask your server/cashier for a copy of your receipt before leaving, Thank you!

The bill you receive does NOT include any mandatory service charge what-so-ever and tipping is at your own discretion. Should you decide to tip your server, we have provided a tips legend to assist you in deciding the percentage rate based upon the total of your bill. South Avenue Grill does not accept any liabilities or issue refunds pertaining to cash tips.

We Do

 Not Accept

No Cheques Please

No American Express
Companies wishing to use purchase orders will need verification from our Accounting Department. South Avenue Grill will not accept any purchase order without prior verification. South Avenue Grill also reserves the right to accept or refuse any company or purchase order.

Due to the increasing number of credit card fraud. Your credit card company (Visa/Mastercard) requires that all credit card users should present a valid form of identification. Pin encoded credit cards or debit cards do not require an identification. Thank you!

South Avenue Grill would like to thank all our patrons for their continued support and we are always looking forward to seeing you, your family and friends..!

All prices attract government taxes (GCT). Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Please read our "Online Disclaimer" for more information. To verify if all prices and product information are current to date, please visit our "Web Author Validation Page". If you are unable to view all contents of this web site, please visit our "Web Help And Support Page". All Prices are quoted in Jamaican dollars. The changing of default side orders that are bundled with a specific dish may attract an additional cost and will NOT be calculated in the total when using the online quote system.