Before you submit the information pertaining to your function/event, please make note of the following:

  • South Avenue Grill does NOT rent it's property for the use of any "Pay As You Enter" function/event what-so-ever.

  • The South Avenue Grill property cannot be rented by itself. We only cater to all inclusive private functions.

  • We are unable to accept a guest list with less than 100-persons.

  • We are unable to partition our dining area to provide a private function/event section while still open to the general public.

              Thank You!

Having a wedding reception, a company party or a special event. At South Avenue Grill, we would be happy to accommodate you! When we do a function or event, we make it truly special. That's why we prefer to do everything, so you won't have to do anything!

Before we can arrange a quote for you, we will require certain basic information.
  • Date of your function?
    We Require An Advanced Booking Of 3-Weeks Prior To Your Function.

  • How many guests will be invited to your function?
    Must Be More Than 100-Guests?

  • What time will your function start & end?
    Certain extended functions/events may require a special K.S.A.C. permit.

  • Will you require plated meals or a buffet?
    Plated meals usually require more servers and kitchen staff.

  • Will you require a local bar or a premium bar?
    Premium bar includes everything a local bar has plus imported items, wines & champagne.

  • Will you require the standard house provided music or a professional sound system with a DJ and microphone?
    Standard house music is NOT recommended if your guests plan on dancing.

  • Click to download and review our "Venue & Function Agreement". You will need to accept the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. The downloaded file is write protected, therefore you will not be able to edit the original document. If the original document has been tampered or edited without the consent of South Avenue Grill Ltd. then the document will be considered Null & Void.
    This document is in Microsoft Word format and printable on 8.5" x 14" legal size paper.

Once you have answered the above questions, email the information to with your telephone number. You should receive a reply from our sales department within 48-hours. If you have not heard a response from us after the time period, please contact us via Telephone #: 876-754-1380 between the hours of 9:30am - 6:00pm (Monday - Saturdays).

All prices attract government taxes (GCT). Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Please read our "Online Disclaimer" for more information. To verify if all prices and product information are current to date, please visit our "Web Author Validation Page". If you are unable to view all contents of this web site, please visit our "Web Help And Support Page". All Prices are quoted in Jamaican dollars. The changing of default side orders that are bundled with a specific dish may attract an additional cost and will NOT be calculated in the total when using the online quote system.